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chain:TAPE 3000 camo

  • protects the paint & looks good
  • quick & easy to apply
  • fits any bicycle
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SMART. STYLISH. STRONG. Looking for a frame protection film that is easy to apply and gives... more
Product information "chain:TAPE 3000 camo"


Looking for a frame protection film that is easy to apply and gives your bike an individual look? chain:TAPE 3000 is the perfect complement to our frame:TAPE 3000 and the most user-friendly frame protection film on the market. Just clean the bike, stick it on, done!

  • high protection against stone chips and paint abrasions due to extra strong honeycomb material
  • fits to every bike
  • suitable for carbon frames
  • kit 2 large shapes & 4 narrow shapes
  • easy installation without water or tools
  • residue-free removable
  • large shapes 60 x 250 mm | narrower shapes 30 x 125 mm
  • weight: 30 g


Adapts the color of your frame. chain:TAPE 3000 camo looks best on bright bikes. The design is way more subtle on dark colors, since it’s a black print on a clear base.

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